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South Sudan Loni Olluru

Assistant Storekeeper
A Day in the life of CTG Staff
It’s important to make women feel protected both in the workplace and at home.

Early on in my role, we received three full containers from Russia. We had to sort the items, confirm them on the packing list, and arrange all of the items onto the shelves that you see here in the food distribution centre. This process took the team and I two weeks to complete.

I was never a fan of cars and electronics, but my job required me to update my skills and I later realised that it’s not that hard to learn once you apply interest to a task. The best part of this experience is that it gave me something in common with my dad. We now have a lot more to talk about. If his car ever has issues, I can help support him in finding solutions with the right spare parts.

Living in South Sudan has its challenges. When I leave for work, I always hope my home is in the same state when I return. With the current political insecurity, it’s scary to think of what might happen in the course of the day but you always have to hope for the best. I am hoping for more stability in the region. I feel that I can share the knowledge I have with other people and we can be a more productive community.

If I could give advice to someone who wanted to follow in my footsteps, I’d tell them, “It’s good to take on a challenge.” I used to consider ‘spare parts’ as a man’s role and thought  that it would be too complicated for a woman to understand. Once you try, and show interest, it is not that difficult to learn – especially with the right support.

CTG has given me the chance to gain some experience and to provide for my young family. I have also managed to save some money on the side which is what will allow me to complete my Masters in Business Administration this year. I’ve found that CTG support you in balancing your work, your personal life and your responsibilities.

I believe that it’s important to make women feel protected both in the workplace and at home. We should be creating support groups and educating women on the options they have, so they never have to face obstacles alone. Women should be appreciated and motivated – most women are trying to make ends meet for their families. They deserve to be empowered and reminded that they can achieve anything.


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