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South Sudan Pierre Colomb Twayigize

Environmental Services Support Supervisor
A Day in the life of CTG Staff
The thing that makes me proud to be at work is seeing an improvement in skills among my staff and seeing them take pride in their work.

I feel satisfied and humbled by the results my work has on the client’s welfare and safety.

Working in a remote zone involves challenges such as delays in delivering supplies such as equipment, tools and food. This encourages me to always look for local solutions to cope with those challenges despite the fact that it can make my job harder, e.g. when one or two sprayers are damage, I innovate an alternate safe way of fumigating.

I think anyone with good leadership skills, good experience in high risk areas, and is patient and flexible can do this type of work. The advice I would give someone wanting to go into a career like this is “determination, patience, humility and flexibility is key to a successful career”.   

South Sudan has people who want to learn and are determined to improve their living conditions. My role is to train my teams and guide them on environmental health standards in the camp setting. The skills they gain through training and experience will help empower them and uplift their families, communities and country.

CTG’s consultant deployment and mobilisation is fast, and they guarantee reliability and efficiency. They’re also independent from any influence (either government or other organisations), and this favours an unbiased and independent delivery of services.

CTG’s Female First initiative will encourage women to upskill themselves for sensitive positions in conflict zones. Women always add rare spices in a working environment and there is a great sense of equality whenever both genders are represented.

Changes always starts through initiatives that improve people’s perception on specific matters. CTG needs to innovate and involve itself in actions that awaken mentalities of both men and women in South Sudan.

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