Working on humanitarian projects, the focus is on helping others. It’s important to recognise when you are the one who needs extra support.

CTG Wellbeing

We’re committed to supporting our staff and consultants, especially those working in the field in high-risk contexts That’s why we offer CTG Wellbeing, a free service that gives them access to remote counselling from independent professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in the humanitarian and development sector.  

CTG Wellbeing offers up to six free and confidential counselling sessions every year. This allows staff and consultants to access professional support without any financial burden and ensures a safe space to discuss their concerns openly and honestly. 

Sessions are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Arabic, and can be done via WhatsApp, phone call or video call. This ensures individuals can access support in their preferred language and feel more comfortable expressing themselves.  

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CTG Wellbeing

CTG Learning

Keeping our teams informed and inspired.

CTG Learning is part of the respected e-learning platform Kaya, developed by The Humanitarian Leadership Academy.

Our staff can take advantage of a wide catalogue of courses, developed by leading international humanitarian and development organisations, ranging from security awareness to operating within the COVID-19 landscape.

With essential resources at your fingertips, such as guidance on prevention of corruption in humanitarian aid, and our approach to Duty of Care, CTG Learning will also ensure new staff are prepared for deployment with the compulsory Onboarding Pass course.

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Download the CTG Learning Guide for easy steps and helpful tips on completing your Onboarding Pass, or watch this video to learn more.


The CTG Help desk is here to help you with any queries related to:

  • Client/Consultant Complaint Management
  • Training & e-Inductions
  • Process Standardisation
  • Streamlining Processes

Our dedicated team is also ready to support you on any other HR-related, medical insurance or Tayo-related questions. Get in touch: helpdesk@ctg.org.


Find out how CTG protects its staff and minimises risk in conflict-settings