We support our clients at all stages of the project life-cycle, from detailed planning and design to implementation through to evaluation. We take pride in our responsiveness and our ability to reduce costs and solve problems.

What We Offer

We are skilled in the following:

Rapid Response

The ability to source, screen and mobilise teams of experts in two weeks or less.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

From food distribution to long-term development projects, CTG staff create and implement M&E frameworks and reporting mechanisms

Human Rights

Supporting legal frameworks and reporting on violations

Reintegration of Refugees & Internally Displaced Persons

Tracking of displaced persons, needs identification and detailed reporting

Mine Action

Large-scale mine and UXO clearance, local capacity building and training programmes

Food Distribution

Physical transportation and distribution of large-scale food and non-food items into fragile communities

Gender Equality

CTG experts help build legal frameworks to champion human rights, gender parity and fight against gender violence

Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Engineering and construction of critical infrastructure such as roads, bridges, hospitals, schools to support post-conflict recovery

Community Development
Training & Capacity Building

Building local capability for sustainable recovery and growth

Fleet Management

Planned, preventative maintenance and running repairs on large fleets, cost-effective handling of spare parts

Election Monitoring

We provide experts and local assistants to help support free and fair democratic processes

Disarmament, Demobilisation, Repatriation

Supporting the immediate aftermath of conflict by helping ex-soldiers reintegrate into society

Cash and Voucher Schemes

Planning and implementing transparent schemes to distribute cash or vouchers electronically with the verification and reporting



CTG takes on all employment services so clients are free to focus on the important task at hand. We have an impressive track record in recruitment and in providing a full support service to staff deployed in post-conflict areas.

What We Offer

We are skilled in the following:


Sourcing, headhunting, vetting and presenting best-fit candidates to our clients


Screening for education, qualification, work experience and any known watch lists


Ensuring the correct approvals, records and documents are all in place and regularly audited


Arrangement of all travel logistics from visas to flights to airport pickups and transit

Surge Support Mobilisation

The ability to assign a project team within hours and mobilise teams in days

Contract Management

Providing compliant legal agreements which protect staff whilst providing flexible solutions

Personnel Management

Handling of performance issues, terminations, role changes and all legal matters

Payroll Service

Preparation and payment of salaries and fees through multiple channels; handling of complex banking and money-transfer relationships

Automated HR

Cloud-based self-service platform for core HR functions such as timesheets, leave management, expenses, payroll and approvals

Legal Support

Company set-up, employment law compliance, dispute management



From setting up operational, secure offices to the procurement of PPE, CTG helps your in-country experience run smoothly.

What We Offer

We are skilled in the following:

Facilities Management

Life support services including cleaning, waste management, pest control, catering and security

Set Up & Management Of Remote Offices

Sourcing and negotiation of tenancy agreements, fit-out payment and upkeep of field offices

Delivery Of Non-Food Items

Logistics, warehouse and inventory management

Supply Chain Management

Procurement, logistics services and supplier management



Together we can make a difference