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Mali Maricel Co

ICT Administration/Training Support Technician
A Day in the Life of CTG Staff
It's important to safeguard your happiness, while also managing your reactions to others' suffering.

Taking on diverse roles 

Maricel’s role in the mission is to control United Nations-owned equipment and provide comprehensive inventory reports. Her role is varied, and every day looks different. On some days you may find her briefing uniformed personnel on property and assets, and on others, she’s training colleagues on how to conduct physical verification. She’s also often in the driving seat of a forklift moving equipment. Given the range of her responsibilities, Maricel must be able to adapt physically and mentally, shifting between different contexts with ease. This is a challenge she takes seriously and prides herself on.  

Finding balance in challenging environments

Working on missions in challenging contexts like Mali can be demanding. Maricel reflects that it’s important to safeguard your happiness, while also managing your reactions to others’ suffering. For many in peacekeeping or humanitarian roles, the heavy workload makes it crucial to recognise when you’re overwhelmed and seek support without hesitating.  

Women driving change in humanitarian aid

Maricel believes firmly in women getting a seat at the table when it comes to major decision-making processes in humanitarian assistance and development projects. She argues that their participation brings a more holistic and practical approach to the organisation’s mission and to the delivery of aid.  

Highlighting the importance of acknowledging the significant contributions made by women in the humanitarian sector, Maricel underscores the pride these women hold in their work. She’s convinced that when women are empowered, they match the capabilities of their counterparts who are men, bringing unique leadership qualities that foster more inclusive and innovative solutions. This, in Maricel’s view, is essential for spearheading lasting change in the humanitarian sector’s future.  

Advice to women: Be yourself

Her advice to women everywhere reflects her convictions: strive for excellence in your roles, Be strong, honest – and be yourself! Together, women can help forge a more inclusive and fair future for humanitarian work, which is a powerful and transformative path.