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Nigeria Amina Mohamed

Team Leader - Mental Health and Psychosocial Support
A Day in the Life of CTG Staff
If you train a woman, you train a nation.

Fulfillment in aid work 

Amina continues to live and work in Maiduguri, Nigeria as a Team Leader for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support projects. Despite the difficulties of not being able to meet every need in her role, she finds joy in making an impact on those she supports.  One major challenge in her profession is dealing with the loss of colleagues in remote areas, where attacks by non-state armed groups occur, leaving behind haunting memories for her. 

Recognising women’s potential

From Amina’s perspective, women are inherently compassionate and excel in their work due to their passion, creativity, and natural ability to coordinate.  

However, she acknowledges the cultural stereotypes in some African societies that undervalue women. Amina overcame these barriers by identifying her strengths, capacities, and experiences. She firmly believes that women have a significant role to play in contributing to both their families and communities. 

Advocating for women in the workplace

Amina passionately advocates for women to pursue equality, demonstrating their competence, skills, and abilities, while also upholding virtues and standing up for justice.  

She emphasises the importance of investing in women through education and empowerment programmes, citing the powerful belief that, “If you train a woman, you train a nation”. This highlights the crucial role women play as the backbone of families. 

Finally, Amina champions the cause for more women in leadership roles within the workplace, convinced that this shift would not only boost organisational performance but also foster a broader societal acknowledgement of women’s capabilities.  

Her conviction is rooted in the understanding that women leaders bring unique perspectives and approaches that can drive innovation and empathy in decision-making processes. 

Amina’s journey and insights call on us to recognise and support the invaluable contributions of women in all spheres of life. By embracing diversity in leadership, we pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future, echoing Amina’s vision of a world where women’s potential is fully realised and celebrated.