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South Sudan Guo Judith Dickson

Child Protection Officer
A Day in the Life of CTG Staff
It’s my duty to advocate for, raise awareness about, and empower women in protecting children in society.

Advocating for child protection and gender equality

Deprived of parental affection herself, Guo is deeply committed to protecting children from harm. She understands the vital importance of motherly care for unaccompanied and neglected children and champions their need for support and guidance.

She also highlights the significance of engaging men in the fight against violence towards women and girls, seeing it as critical to creating a safer society for everyone.  

Empowering women through advocacy

Guo faces profound challenges in her work. The stark realities faced by women and girls in isolated areas, struggling without essentials such as sanitary pads, are close to home for her. These experiences drove her to champion the distribution of dignity kits through an organisation, making a significant difference and reinforcing her dedication to women’s empowerment.

Drawing strength from her own experiences as an abuse survivor, Guo is determined to enhance the welfare of women and children. 

Women’s resilience in aid missions

As a humanitarian aid worker, Guo understands the inherent risks, particularly for women. Despite these challenges, she encourages women to empower themselves and others. Her motto, “What a man can do, a woman can do,” serves as a rallying cry for young girls and women alike to break barriers and support one another. 

Guo’s motto, “What a man can do, a woman can do”, is a rallying cry for young girls and women.

Invest in women: A call for systemic change

Guo reflects on the challenges and opportunities that women leaders face in humanitarian work and highlights their unique ability to build trust and drive positive change. With women constituting over 40% of the humanitarian workforce on the front lines of emergencies and conflicts [Conflict and Health], Guo emphasises their vital role in enhancing health outcomes and advocating for conflict-affected populations through various initiatives.

Despite global commitments to gender equality, she urges for more attention to promoting women leaders in humanitarian sectors. 

Guo’s story is a powerful illustration of the resilience and commitment exhibited by women in challenging environments. Her dedication to the rights and wellbeing of women and children is inspiring to all those who are committed to forging a fairer and more inclusive world.