East Africa

Drought is a relentless enemy that much of East Africa is familiar with. Once again the region continues to experience a life-threatening lack of rain, jeopardised food security, thousands of displaced people and unstable government and civil unrest.

CTG is located in support of all these obstacles and more. The remote nature of our work comes with challenges including unstable security within city limits and restricted movement around the country for many of our clients. CTG contends with these complications via remotely dispersed teams and regional experts who can offer our clients one-stop-shop solutions to their operational needs.

Our projects in the area are varied and impactful including:

  • Regional feeding programmes for new mothers and school-aged children in Somalia;
  • The checking of ships for explosives and weapons off the coast of Djibouti;
  • Working with Somali Ministers in support of gender equality with the aim of increasing the number of women in ministerial roles. This work also promotes women remaining in school and entering the workforce to enable them to provide for their families.
  • Managing the monthly average of 6000 metric tons of aid across Sudan. Our project team were on the ground prior to deployment of staff which meant we were able to seamlessly facilitate visas, work permits and travel permits to all staff across all provinces of the country.


A day in the life of CTG staff | Luta Shaba
Luta Shaba, Somalia

Women’s rights gender and development consultant

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Kenny Gichuru, Somalia

Medical Co-Ordinator

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