Kickstart your career in humanitarian aid and development

Women not only remain underrepresented in leadership roles, but they are disadvantaged in the path to attaining them; as women’s careers progress, their representation declines, along with their opportunities in the sector.

Our Programme aims to engage young women interested in aid, development and gender equality. Working with women of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds to provide tangible experience and mentorship opportunities to enable successful career development.

With an ultimate goal of fostering youth development and new talent into the workforce – specifically in the aid and development sector.
If I were to give advice to young women wanting to follow in my footsteps I’d say, be determined and hardworking, there is no easy way, secret recipe or shortcut; it is all about hard work, being passionate about the work you do, and getting the support you need.

VALENTINA BECHARA Former Intern and Current Field Liaison Officer


COVID-19 and the challenges it brings have put our Internship & Mentorship programme on hold. We remain passionate about women’s empowerment and committed to this programme and it will commence again, as soon as it is safe to do so.


The Internship Programme lasts from three to six months and based at our management offices.

The Mentorship Programme lasts for the duration of the internship and is held remotely through Skype and email sessions with their assigned Mentor, past Mentors have included our CEO, COO and other senior leadership and management. The mentorship programme opens on 1 September and 1 March.

For those still in fulltime education work experience opportunities are provided which last from one to two weeks.


To ensure an organized learning experience for Interns, CTG assigns a Mentor for each intern. This makes the interns’ tasks and roles well-defined and customized to fit each intern’s professional progress.


According to the World Bank, only 21.8 percent of the labour force was female in 2016. We believe that creating valuable experience for female interns will increase the chances of women finding full-time employment. Committed to SDG 5 Gender Equality, we’re actively trying to help close the gender gap through our Female First initiative.


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empowerment through employment in conflict settings.