CTG has been staffing humanitarian and development projects in Sudan since 2013 and continues to play a role in mobilising and co-ordinating support for the recovery and stabilisation of the conflict-affected area.

Sudan has long been beset by active conflict and political tension, a situation which has been exacerbated by economic hardship, high unemployment and poverty. Over a quarter of the population are also dependent on humanitarian assistance, factors of which all pose a continued risk to the country’s stability and security.





Al Fasher, Nyala, El Geniena and Zalingei of Darfur

Over the years, CTG has provided assistance across a variety of different projects.

CTG supported the implementation of urban water supply improvement works across several regions through the management of staff in positions such as Dam Development Specialists and National Engineers. CTG has also assisted with humanitarian activities related to mine action and fleet and logistics operations.

CTG delivers rapid response and mobilisation of projects in high-risk areas such as Al Fasher, Nyala, El Geniena and Zalingei of Darfur.


CTG is based on the ground in hard to reach areas in Iraq such as Erbil, Mosul, Kirkuk, and Baghdad.