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Improvement is our compass: the EPIC values in action

By CTG Team
As a learner and leader, Amino makes a meaningful impact in a demanding field.

From her six-month internship, Amino was promoted to Assistant Account Manager in Somalia, and, after two-and-a-half years of excellent work, she was again promoted to Account Manager. She continues to thrive in this role. 

As a continuous learner and effective leader, Amino’s story highlights the traits essential to making a meaningful impact in the demanding field of HR, within the humanitarian and development context. She’s been able to push through uncertainties and develop her capabilities in areas like strategic client management and team leadership crucial not just for her personal career development, but also for CTG’s operational success in Somalia Let’s hear more from her. 

Improving alongside a supportive team

“Joining CTG was a big step for me in terms of self-improvement. The chance to be an intern here was an investment in my growth and I’m proud to have been chosen for the opportunity. I strongly support the company giving these chances, especially to young women. 

In our Somalia team, and in the CTG team in general, we work together to make the organisation better in every way. Improvement is like a compass for us, guiding us to keep growing and doing better, and the calm and friendly environment at CTG makes that possible for all of us.  

I like how people here are ready to help, and, even as an intern, I felt at home right away. If I have a question and someone doesn’t know the answer, they always find someone who does. Everyone has been so supportive and helpful – it’s a welcoming place.” 

Improvement is like a compass for us, guiding us to keep growing…

A day in Amino’s work life: Versatility and responsibility

“My typical workday is busy and varied. I start by addressing client inquiries proactively, ensuring their needs are met quickly. A big part of my job is supporting our consultants in the field. This can involve approving leaves, booking flights, and arranging training sessions. I’m in constant communication with over 100 consultants through emails and phone calls, responding to their inquiries and needs daily. 

Sometimes, I handle urgent requests, and I enjoy managing these situations. At very busy times, like when I’m handling payrolls and reviewing many documents, I do feel the pressure but I’m learning and adapting.” 

A mission to improve and grow

“As an ambassador for improvement at CTG, this value is crucial to me. From a young age, I’ve always strived to make things better, whether in life, education, or work. Improving and growing – not just for myself but also for others, is a key to my work and personal life.” 

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CTG’s Internship Programme

Empowering the next generation of humanitarian leaders is our passion, and that’s why we offer an internship programme specifically designed to support aspiring women in the humanitarian and development field. We recognise the current underrepresentation of women in leadership roles within humanitarian aid and development.

Our programme bridges this gap by providing women of diverse backgrounds with practical experience and mentorship. Through this initiative, interns gain hands-on exposure to critical issues while building the skills and network to propel them towards successful careers, whether within the humanitarian sector or beyond.