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Engage for impact: the EPIC values in action

By CTG Team
We’re facilitating incredibly impactful projects – it’s important to recognise that.

Amel is a pivotal member of Team CTG – not just within Libya but company-wide. She manages several complex client accounts with great skill, while also overseeing payroll and recruitment, and ensuring seamless communication with our clients and consultants to keep projects on track. Beyond this, Amel contributes to business development, represents CTG in public forums, and steps in as Lead Manager when the Regional Director is unavailable. 

Recently selected by her peers to be the Engage Ambassador, Amel truly deserves recognition as she goes above and beyond to ensure the success of each project. She’s a pillar of support for her peers, encouraging them to excel in their roles.  

As an inspiring role model, Amel proactively shares her wealth of knowledge and experience to help boost her team members’ growth. Here, she shares her thoughts on the EPIC values in action. 

Why do you think the value ENGAGE is such an important part of working at CTG?

“I believe fundamentally in the work that CTG is doing. We are helping to facilitate some incredibly impactful projects and its important to recognise that. Often the environments we work in are challenging and it can be tough. So, engaging with the work and believing in what youre doing are important elements for success. 

How do you keep your staff engaged with their work?

“I wanted to find a way to make work more engaging and exciting and to create a culture where people set goals and recognise their achievements. It’s also important for managers to recognise their staff’s achievements. So, I took the lead and created my action points, which I then shared with my team to demonstrate how they work.  

Recently, I’ve been encouraging staff to create action points and timelines to achieve important objectives for themselves. This has created a very good working environment, where people feel more gratified by the work they do. Rather than seeing it as being simply a job, they can see how important their role is and how much of a difference it’s making in the challenging regions we operate in.” 

Rather than seeing it as it simply a job, our team can really see how important their role is.

How does constant, everyday engagement affect the long-term success of projects?

“Through our consistent support, engagement and commitment, we’re contributing to the bigger picture. It’s so important that we play our part well as we enable good to happen, and it’s hugely rewarding to see the positive impact of this approach.” 

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