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Caring Starts from Within: The EPIC Values in Action

By CTG Team
I am very happy in this role. Helping others really is my passion.

Pictured to the right: Idiris conducting a training session in Somalia. 

At CTG, care means having a genuine regard for everyone we come across and work with. Idiris perfectly exemplifies this commitment, often stating, “Helping others really is my passion.” 

Purpose-driven passion

Idiris’ career journey began during his early years in high school. Inspired by the challenges and changes of adolescence, he visited the local library to explore this phenomenon further. This sparked his love for psychology and set his career path in stone. 

He went on to join the Psychology Faculty at a university in Hargeisa and later volunteered in the Mental Health Department at a local hospital. Through volunteering, Idiris was not only able to give back to his community and help others, but he also grew personally and built valuable connections. 

Through volunteering, I could give back to my community, but I also grew and built connections.

This eventually led him to his current role, which he has held for over four years. As a Senior Protection Assistant, Idiris works closely with vulnerable populations to prevent protection risks and address any concerns that arise.  

He feels extremely fortunate to use his long-term passion for psychology to support others. Let’s hear from him. 

“Many vulnerable populations in Somalia, such as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), migrants or returnees are unfortunately at risk of violence. This risk can be physical and can involve exploitation and abuse. My job is to reduce this risk through awareness-raising and capacity-building, and if issues do arise, to respond to these and ensure those impacted have safe access to the services they need.  

Start with self-care

“In our sector, especially in my profession, it is our responsibility to care for the beneficiaries we serve. We must be gentle with such populations and help empower them by being genuine and accepting.   

The same applies to interactions with our colleagues, especially those who are new to the unit. I know how hard it can be when you don’t know others very well, so I always proactively approach them, encourage them and support them if they need help. It’s a small thing, but it matters.  

It’s also especially important that we care for ourselves and are mindful of our own wellbeing. If we don’t care for ourselves, we can’t care for others – we can’t pour from an empty cup. We must take the time to find ways to relax, do things that make us happy and energise us. Whether that’s exercise, or spending time with our families, caring starts from within.” 

If we don’t care for ourselves, we can’t care for others. We can’t pour from an empty cup.

Cultivate a supportive environment

What advice would I give someone wanting to bring care into their work? Be nice to everyone. As humanitarian staff, it’s essential that we are approachable. Sometimes, people aren’t aware of how their behaviour affects others so it’s crucial for us to reflect and strive to be kind. Encourage others, especially beneficiaries, to talk more or ask for help if they need it. They make their own decisions and steer their own ships, but we must be there to guide them and provide accurate information to support their journeys when needed. 

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