Middle East & North Africa

CTG’s work in this region includes projects in Libya, a country that is bearing the brunt of the migration crisis and remains in a spiral of security, economic crisis, and political deadlock as hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants from Africa and the Middle East continue to make their way to Europe.

Another country of operation is Yemen, which according to the UN, is facing ‘total social, economic and institutional collapse’ thanks to the years of civil war triggering a humanitarian crisis with almost seven million people at risk of famine.

CTG continues to support our clients in this region, many of whom have restricted movements due to security pressures, with fast-response solutions. When it comes to much-needed humanitarian aid we understand that there is no room for delay and provide effective administrative and human resources services so missions can be achieved on deadline.

Our clients’ projects in the area are varied and impactful and include the likes of:

  • Community stabilisation projects renovating wells and helping the community to rebuild the local services.
  • Voluntary humanitarian return project operating to assist migrants in returning to their countries.
  • Assisting the Libyan authorities in restoring public security and the rule of law, promoting inclusive political dialogue and national reconciliation, and in assisting them to embark on the drafting of a new constitution and on laying the foundation for elections.
  • Data tracking matrix project operating across Libya to track displaced migrants and be able to offer assistance and basic relief.
  • Field monitors for Human Rights Observation in Yemen.
  • Engineers in Gaza to support the monitoring of materials in reconstruction programmes.


A day in the life of CTG staff | Rania Kharma
Rania Kharma, Libya

Field Operations Manager for Community Stabilization Project

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A day in the life of CTG staff | Tahani Ahmed Ali Omer
Tahani Ahmed Ali Omer, Yemen

Translator/Field Officer

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