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Nigeria Charity Tumbus

Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) Consultant
A Day In The Life of CTG Staff

A healthier Nigeria: One conversation and one vaccination at a time

Born and raised in Adamawa State, Nigeria, Charity has happy, vibrant memories growing up in a family of five. Her passion for children’s wellbeing led to a career in the humanitarian sector, where she now works as an SBCC consultant at CTG, supporting the development of healthcare access in rural Nigeria.  

Charity’s days are spent on vaccine checks, training health workers, and advocating for change. It’s a juggling act that brings her closer to her goal: A healthier Nigeria, one conversation and one vaccination at a time. 

Witnessing the ripple effect of human connection in healthcare  

Thinking back on her experiences so far, one encounter stands out to Charity. In Kaduna State, she met a mother of newborn twins who hadn’t received adequate education around vaccines, which put her twins’ health at risk.  

After managing empathetic conversations around the effectiveness of vaccines, Charity worked with this mother to vaccinate her children against life-threatening diseases – and to eventually become a champion for immunisation within her community.  

She was excited and pleased with me – by how I was able to explain in detail about vaccines and their importance in a child’s life… She promised that not only would her twins be vaccinated, but every child she gives birth to will be fully immunised.

It’s these human connections that make Charity’s work impactful. She doesn’t shy away from challenges. Rather, she invites open dialogue to educate and foster community engagement around health.  

But the journey isn’t easy. Charity regularly faces communication barriers, vaccine shortages, and cultural, political, and social challenges. 

Making progress and holding hope

Looking ahead, Charity wants to see Nigeria liberated from corruption and insecurity. In her clinic, she is seeing progress, with mothers healing and children growing strong. These victories motivate Charity to link similar efforts across Nigeria so future generations receive the proper care they need.