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Mozambique Adelmo Dalton Amuzamala

Field Monitor
A day in the life of CTG staff
My dream for Mozambique is that it will be a conflict-free country, a country for all Mozambicans.

What makes it worth it

Adelmo is motivated by the tangible success of empowering internally displaced people with practical life skills relevant to their circumstances. Recently, he participated in a series of training workshops that were held to impart sustainable business skills to participants.

The goal was twofold: to decrease their dependency on third-party partners and increase support for their displaced families. “The objective of the training was to awaken skills and mobilise knowledge, attitudes and values,’ explains Adelmo. 

When the days are long

CTG Mozambique’s fieldworkers actively work to combat the attitude that little change can be created in the presence of the non-governmental armed forces in the districts.

Adelmo’s resolve remains strong as he is motivated by the positive change his presence creates in his community. “What motivates me the most, is that there are people who need my help in the community.” Outside of motivating work experience, he is recharged by singing and playing the viola. 

For aspiring humanitarians

Adelmo emphasises the beauty of Mozambique and the welcoming nature of its communities, despite the country’s challenging environment, and feels that this is key to the fulfilment he receives from his work: he advises that any person interested in pursuing humanitarian work should be, “a person who loves the community because the love you show will be reciprocated twice as much.”

Adelmo’s success as a humanitarian is found in his intimate connection with the work that he does. His dream for Mozambique is that it will be, “a conflict-free country, a country for all Mozambicans, where children can grow up healthy and have the opportunity to make their dreams come true.”