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Ukraine Markian Kchik

Mine Action Liaison Officer
A Day In The Life of CTG Staff
Despite Markian’s busy days juggling tasks, his goal remains clear: a peaceful and secure homeland.

Embracing service

Markian’s journey into the humanitarian field began long before his return to Ukraine. Rooted in his upbringing, he was always drawn to community service, a trait that grew further during his time spent in Canada. Prior to joining CTG, Markian’s dedication to service saw him volunteering with the Police Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) department, laying the foundation for his future in mine action. 

Seeking solace in service

Markian’s days are a whirlwind. From field visits to data analysis, from attending meetings to writing reports, his responsibilities are as varied as they are vital. Each activity, however, varied, fuels a singular purpose: a secure and peaceful homeland.  

During his time in service, Markian has seen the depths of human suffering and the strong spirit of resilience. Although no one story stays with him forever, every encounter leaves a lasting mark, reminding him of the urgency driving his mission.

Securing the area where a landmine was found.

Navigating challenges with resilience

The road for humanitarians like Markian is paved with both progress and frustration. The slow pace of change can be disheartening, and the needs left unmet can weigh heavily. However,  Markian says he is driven by a belief in the strength of working together and the surprising kindness of strangers. 

Finding balance beyond borders

Markian makes spending time with family and friends a priority.  Even amidst the chaos, he prioritises personal growth, a testament to his commitment to becoming the best version of himself – both as a humanitarian and a human being. 

Guiding light for aspiring humanitarians 

For anyone considering a path in humanitarian aid, Markian has some advice. Be prepared for the unexpected because things won’t always go smoothly. There will be setbacks, but don’t let them discourage you. Most importantly, see this as more than just a job – it’s a chance to make a real difference in a world, in places that need it most.