CTG has supported humanitarian projects globally for the past 15 years through fully integrated HR management support, from staff identification and recruitment through to staff management and reporting.

Our local compliance and Human Resource management partner in Niger currently staffs a number of projects in the field of construction, and CTG has an impressive track record of sourcing and selecting national and international support staff and specialist consultants across Niger’s territories. The majority of our staff presented in the database are readily deployable as needs arise.

Duty of Care

When operating in Niger – as in any high risk environment – it is not possible to avoid risk entirely; our role is to manage and mitigate risk through our local knowledge, networks and planning. We strive to keep  staff informed through security alerts and monitor their where abouts through SafeTrip, our movement tracker. Find out more about CTG’s Duty of Care.

With the highest fertility rate in the world, and child marriages and early childbearing preventing adolescent girls from attending school, gender disparities continue to challenge development in Niger. CTG is committed to women’s empowerment through our Female First programme, that looks to increase the number of women working in humanitarian roles. There are many proven benefits of creating work opportunities for women in conflict-affected regions one of such as decreasing poverty, increasing GDP and realizing women’s rights.



CTG expanded its West Africa footprint in 2018 by establishing a presence in Nigeria to support the humanitarian mission.