Mozambique has long experienced instability with a rebel insurgency having ranged there since 2017. High levels of poverty and the local population’s inadequate access to land and decent work, threaten to deteriorate the situation even further. This ongoing violence in addition to gross human rights abuses has resulted in mass displacement of people from the country’s Northern Provinces. The United Nations estimates that at least 670,000 have been displaced.


Pemba, Maputo, Beira, Montepuez, Nacala

CTG has been facilitating the implementation of humanitarian and development projects worldwide for over a decade. Our breadth of global industry knowledge in supporting humanitarian and development agencies is complemented by our established network within Mozambique. With extensive local experience in supporting a diverse array of sectors with bespoke development and implementation solutions, CTG is well equipped to serve clients’ needs and mobilise staff within the most challenging regions of Mozambique.  

To date, CTG has offered tailored support to service a number of key projects. We maintain oversight of various roles from Enumerators to Community Field Coordinators and Psychosocial Support Activists. As in all of our areas of operations, hiring local nationals is key to our project assistance services.


CTG has been staffing humanitarian and development projects in Sudan since 2013.