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East Africa Tahmina

Gender Expert
A day in the life of CTG staff
Maybe this is CTG's speciality, empowering women?

From easy access to the dining room, to being a priority when it was time to head to the bunker, to assisting during the rain, and helping with all travel arrangements to the airport – they not only enabled me to work but made me enjoy my life there. CTG were sensible and consistent in their approach, and I think I also gave them perspective to think deeper about how to make things more accessible for those with disabilities.

Gender equality isn’t going to be possible immediately but I admire CTG for encouraging more women into these work spaces. It’s positive that a private business is striving to create an enabling work environment for women in these fragile countries. Right from the beginning, during my recruitment process, there was a strong female presence. Maybe this is CTG’s speciality, empowering women?