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We Invite You To Join Our SDG Workshop In Gaza

By CTG Team

At CTG we have seen the positive effect that our work supporting humanitarian and development projects in fragile and conflict-affected regions has on local communities. We are passionate about corporate sustainability: we believe that commitment to ethical, sustainable business action can have a long-lasting impact.

We’ve publicly committed to the 2030 Agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and have signed up to the UN Global Compact because we believe we can be part of a brighter future, even in the most challenging locations. Our core missions are to create job opportunities and economic prosperity in the countries we work in (SDG8), to be a change agent for Gender Equality (SDG5) and to ensure that everything that we do contributes to creating peaceful societies (SDG16).

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A 2017 report from the UN Country Team in Palestine stresses that ‘the “unliveability” threshold has already been passed’ for the people of Gaza and that ‘life in Gaza is in perpetual crisis’. The day-to-day challenges, from basic infrastructure to economic growth, are many.

We hope that working on the SDGs and using these goals as a road map for top priority assistance will lead to a brighter future for the people of Gaza and have invited key members of the humanitarian and development community in Gaza to be part of our workshop: “Improvement of Life in Gaza by Delivery of Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges and Opportunities”


The primary objective of the workshop is to create a coalition of UN agencies and INGOs who will brainstorm and hold discussions on practical actions, explore solutions and build consensual approaches on the major themes relevant to SDG implementation in different sectors throughout Gaza.

Your presence at our workshop would be so greatly appreciated. If you would like to attend please fill in your details below.

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