West Africa

The reality for the humanitarian and development aid agencies who operate in this region is that these are some of the most challenging environments in the world. South Sudan remains one of the most protracted and acute humanitarian crisis-affected locations on the planet. Liberia became headline news in 2014 as the epicentre of one of the deadliest epidemics of all time.

CTG prides itself on being a first responder in times of crises. In 2014, CTG recruited and mobilised a team of international doctors, nurses and infectious disease control experts and 200 local national staff to help the beleaguered health services battle the Ebola outbreak. Our speed of mobilisation enabled the staff to be treating the first patients within three weeks of receiving the call to action.

Cognisant of the operational and environmental risks involved in mobilising consultants to provide support to our clients’ missions, CTG provides robust programme-management solutions even in the remotest locations.


Other projects in this region have included:

  • The mobilising of International Quality Assurance and Operations Officers and Mine Risk Education Specialists on demining projects (Republic of Congo, Mali)
  • Providing International Management Consultants to support essential capacity building elements (Liberia)
  • Sourcing International Quantity Surveyors and Local National Project and Field Site Engineers (Burundi)
  • Dam Development Specialists and National Engineers (Darfur)


A day in the life of CTG staff | Celestine Olale
Celestine Olale, Liberia

Head Nurse,
Ebola Treatment Units

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A day in the life of CTG staff | Carlos Serrano Mesa
Carlos Serrano Mesa, Mali

OPS Officer for Demining

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