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Afghanistan Farhad Qeyadat

CTG Surveyor
A Day In The Life of CTG Staff
All humans need each other. I spend my energy on the people that need me.

Afghanistan has been affected by longstanding conflict, and the population is expected to double within the next 14 years. The programme I work for addresses urban governance in Kabul and 11 other cities in Afghanistan. My work entails issuing governmental certificates to the owners of the houses, devising a reporting system and a system of database registration of houses in all locations. I have to remain aware of people from program advantages.

My advice to those wanting to pursue a career as a humanitarian would be to remain honest, hardworking, open minded and kind. In order to succeed in a job like this, you must be willing to develop your skills and experience to learn and motivate people.

I am very happy in my current position. CTG plays a brilliant role in the field of humanitarian work as an international organization in Afghanistan.

I know that Afghanistan people are capable of so much, so countries will provide international aid in reconstruction and development.