While making a difference is part of CTG’s business strategy, our team wanted to create a focused platform for social investment. And so, in 2016, CTG Giving was born.

A staff engagement platform to encourage collective action, CTG Giving brings our team together to discuss social impact initiatives.

The vision is to support female-run NGOs working in fragile countries, with the big reveal of our chosen project coming soon.

Events so far have included auctions where team members offered up their skills (from yoga classes to horse-riding lessons), bake offs and a mountain marathon.

With a lot more giving planned for the future, we look forward to making CTG Giving an impactful initiative, and having some team fun while we do it.

News 11.09.17
By CTG Team

CTG Race Across Mountains For A Good Cause

Three teams of five ran relay through the dramatic Wadi Bih before climbing to over 1000m and descending to Dibba. High mountains and rugged terrain made the run a challenge and the teams ran 72km (with nine of the group running half marathons).